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Who Are We?

FieryDevs is made up of a team which were developers some point or the other in their lives since we believe you cannot create technology by staying apart from it. Our culture also nurtures the passion, the agony and the burning desire in the devs to achieve the unachievable in the world of technology.We are here to deliver quality software with an engineered approach which sets you ahead of the competition.

We are human machines who create a world of freedom and ease; a world which connects to physical world and empowers your customers do everything things at a click.

Our Strengths

Our Strength ?
We offer innovative solutions that incorporates in your business. We do not merely take your requirement but offer a best software solution by both of us working together. We offer a technology hand to your domain.
Our Mission ?
We are motivated people who gives you the quality delivery in earliest time. Quality in its own world is actually measured by the time it withstands. Our mission is to be durable in providing our clients an everlasting solution.A Solution which embark and spreads our word like a wildfire in the industry.
Our Vision ?
We started with a vision to be independent devs who delivers quality development in quick time and now the vision sets its own children. We aim to have our success stories written by our clients who rely on us for their technology needs. We aim to provide such solutions that sets their success.

Fires of the FieryDevs

Meet the folks who run the company

HOME Pankaj Salokhe Program Manager

The most hardworking guy in Fierydevs, Pankaj - would never say no to clients need, will sweat his development cockpit to keep the clients happy. He is a calm personality who moves the development wheel ahead everyday. Organised, Motivated to achieve more for latest technology even in his dreams Pankaj

HOME Swapnil Gondkar Technical Architect

A thinker and researcher Swapnil is a positive proactive person who sets the fire in the team. He sets the direction and motivation for the company. M.Tech by qualification and mentor by profession he also loves to guide devs on some of the unique challenges in the project.

HOME Mayuresh Naik Business Analyst

A candid gentleman, Mayuresh handles tracks the development and accounts.With his calm and thinking nature FieryDevs has been on a path of constant growth. When not in work affair he loves to spend his time reading books, watching motivational videos and upgrading himself.