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Developing Software is not everyone’s cup of tea, it requires an intelligent mind of programming with sound knowledge and also a pavement of good project management. Thus software systems developed become huge investment owing to the complexity of development. It is now well understood such capability is not developed in-house but can be easily outsourced. Outsourcing these to countries such as ours which have always produced the best brain in the world can reduce your cost to 1/10 due to difference in the currency rates.
The major challenges in outsourcing these software are
a) Communication
b) Quality
c) Time-zones

How we solve them

a) Closed Feedback loop
Software development now follows the agile methodology, here customer is the key focus. The agile manifesto revolves around customer interaction and user requirement.Having a closed feedback loop with the customer does not deviate from what was needed and what is going to be developed.

b) Quality Assurance
Our quality control starts from developer / programmer where each and every unit is thoroughly checked. A manual tester tests each workflow while performance testing ensures that the application is going to withstand under peak loads.However bugs are part and parcel of the every software made in this world we have a well defined method for raising the bugs and solving them on priority basis.

c) Freedom
It is said that with great power comes great responsibility and that is seen here at Fierydevs where we give highest degree of freedom to developers and they are responsible for making sure your i.e customer is always satisfied. This independence helps them think from our point of view that the business is coming from happy clients and they should do anything that client requires them to do so working with them in their timezone is certainly not a challenge for a developer here.Also our support levels are designed such a way that when a creepy bug hinders the main flow of the application it is resolved on war footing to such an extent that the developer doesn’t bother to go home till the issue is resolved completely.

Thus if you want to build an offshore development team here work with us and relax your technology needs on our shoulder at cost effective and productive way.