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We are ignited to innovate and incorporate the best technology for your needs.From idea to reality and from problems to solutions we put technology to work for you.FieryDevs unique delivery model gives you the best quality we are known for.

Who needs a Web Application ?

Businesses small to large can leverage Information Technology to smoothen, secure and easily manage their business processes. Download our Case Studies to understand how businesses developed

Why you need a Web Application ?

Web Applications around us are transforming the way we do business, the simplicity has created convenience to use their fingers to complex tasks which took days previously.

Features of Web App Development:

 ✔ Centralised Data Access
 ✔ Maximum Scalability
 ✔ Easy to use
 ✔ Updates are rolled faster
 ✔ Can be accessed from multiple devices

The next generation software as you know is into web and cloud.We take you to the forefront in your business ahead of of what your competitors may even think of.

How we do it ?

The Process in layman’s terms can be well understood from the following stages:

  • A formal Software Requirement Specification is laid out by negotiation of feasibility and possibility.This is a continuous process along with other stages to achieve the required software of your needs.
  • A MVP working model (Mean Valuable Product) is constructed from the requirement which forms the backbone for the system.
  • Wireframes and interaction toolkit are made to facilitate easy understanding of the end product. Mobile and Tablet interaction is given prime importance.
  • Static designs are finalised and converted to code using HTML5, CSS3.Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery and other components speedens up and gives a clear well maintained interaction model (DHTML) .
  • Database Enhanced Entity Relationship Schema Designs.
  • A Programming Framework is evaluated and chosen as per the requirements which forms the application structure.
  • Functional,Integration and Regression testing is done to achieve perfection.
  • First base deliverable is finalised on User Acceptance Testing.
  • Entire application is put through the relevant stages to give more incremental deliverables.
  • Once the entire application is built a support account is created on qa.fierydevs.com to raise up any bugs or issues.

Whats the Cost ?

Cost of developing Web Application depends upon the functional requirements. If you think you need good quality software then do give us a call or simply email us at info@fierydevs.com .